Research on "Access or Non-Access to Finance" published by Spark Türkiye/ October 2022

Challenges faced by Syrian SME's in Turkish boarder cities was explored by our team led by Dr.Aslı Bilge, commissioned by Spark Türkiye. The report was launched in October 2022 online. The research of this report gave us great insight at the core of Syrian SME network, whom we continue to assist and interact with. 

Despite the significant potential for growth, there are structural difficulties. Syrians face constraints such as limitations on free movement, language barriers, lack of knowledge of Turkish systems, business and employee registration processes, and lack of transparency in the naturalization process.

There is a greater need for concentrated efforts to prepare the future not only for Syrians, including a whole new generation who know only Turkey as their homeland, but also for social cohesion and the economic wellbeing and growth of Turkey, by more inclusive financial instruments.