We present our Artist Residency Program, the first in its kind in the Upper Mesopotamian Region! We call for applications by emerging fine arts artists to Urfa where the light, colours and sounds will take you to a time immemorial. 

Artist residencies are universally designed to increase artist mobility to boost creativity and feed interactions and cooperation between creative minds all around the world. This is also a prestigious medium to present regional assets through creative art works.

To host local and international artists in a residency program, and encourage their creativity is undoubtedly the more meaningful way to invest in culture. It is a way for refugee and host community to express or communicate their feelings in this challenging period. This kind of cultural activity will raise much attention in the media, conventional and social, through which the city may present its riches to the world. Through an open call, we target emerging artists and art students from Turkey and abroad.

The candidates to the residency from various disciplines of art such as painting, photography, video, and digital arts will be selected by a renown jury. Those who will be selected will be provided with one month long residence to produce art. The outcome of the residency will be celebrated with an exhibition in Urfa and if possible in İstanbul.