Growing locally, marketing globally is the motto of the new digital age. In Urfa region where high quality agricultural raw materials are abundant, there is only one more step to take: To add value through creative industries and sold globally. 

Urfa is known for its fertile, vast, agricultural land. Local produce that grow there is diverse and equally delicious, starting from the unique agricultural products like the 'must have' of every Urfa dish, -the 'isot' pepper- to the surprisingly equilibrated olive oil. Moreover, there is an abundance of agricultural products much in demand for the industrial use, such as the high quality cotton and wool.

The Coronavirus outbreak has shown us how much we rely on local produce. Supported by our current times, our organisation is devoted to supporting the local markets and producing value-added products that may be branded and sold worldwide when possible through digital marketing -a key sector for the economic development of disadvantageous regions-.

We believe Urfa would benefit vastly from a circular economy,; produced and designed locally and marketed globally. Imagine that the local cotton transformed into high quality designer's fabric and clothing instead of being sold as raw material.