Gender Mainstreaming

As a female-led organisation in the Middle East, we are acutely aware of gender issues and we do our best to contribute to some sort of solution or at least improvement, not only in our professional capacity but also in daily life.

Community-Based Participation

We are keen to make real positive change. Our approach is inclusive and community based. We are very careful not to develop projects that look good on paper but make little difference in the community.

Circular Economy

We believe that circularity is the key to a sustainable world; by re-using resources in a closed loop instead of using new raw materials. In this direction, we look at traditional crafts and methods, which often give the clues on how to accomplish it.


We encourage all of our members, involved partners, volunteers and staff to act in a professional manner, avoid conflict of interest and use resources efficiently at all times. We have a very strong stand against corruption as an organisation and have zero tolerance for it.