Ömer Ademoğlu
Founding Board Member

Native of Şanlıurfa, Ömer worked many years abroad as a cook and restaurant administrative before settling back in the city. He's been working as project coordinator with Şanlıurfa Turizm A.Ş., -subventioned by the Turkish Ministry of Commerce and the European Union, founded on the co-ownership of  17 entities from public and private sectors such as the Municipality, Chamber of Industry, Chamber of Tourist Guides, GAP Administration and several NGO's for the purpose of developing regional tourism-. Thanks to his work, he's been very much involved in preserving the cultural heritage of Şanlıurfa, eg. restoration and management of the registered buildings, preparing proposals for UNESCO applications, tourism presentations at international organizations, support for local gastronomy, opening of a culinary academy etc. Ömer speaks Turkish, Kurdish and English.